TRIPODS Institute for Theoretical Foundations of Data Science

Educational Initatives

  • Pre-College:
    • Introduction to Foundations of Data Science: This is a new two week pre-college course offered through UMass Summer Programs. After a successful first offering in 2020, we'll again offer the course in Summer 2021. Contact Patrick Flaherty for further information.
  • Undergraduate:
    • STAT 515 (Statistics I) /COMPSCI 240 (Reasoning About Uncertainty): We are developing new resources for these related courses offered in the Math and CS departments respectively. Details coming soon. Contact Andrew McGregor or Markos Katsoulakis for further information.
  • Graduate:
    • COMPSCI 690RA (Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Data Analysis): This will be a new graduate algorithms class. Details coming soon. Contact Andrew McGregor for further information.